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Key Capital was formed in 2006, providing Financial Strategy services to multinationals including the project financing of a real estate company and an expert opinion for global law firm Eversheds.


In 2009 we expanded into Financial Technology, enhancing the financial risk management solution s.alsa® and innovating TreasuryView, a treasury sales tool for banks and advisors. Key Capital then successfully commercialised TreasuryView in the UK and Netherlands.


In 2011 we added Financial Transformation advisory to ensure a full cross-functional approach to Finance. Engagements have largely focused on helping the Republic of Estonia become more effective in attracting and growing Financial and Business Services investments. In 2014 we created and implemented a new Shared Services sector strategy for Enterprise Estonia resulting in 3 new centres and over 250 new jobs being created.


Today we use our expertise across the finance function to ensure a co-ordinated approach to creating value for our clients. Key Capital also make proprietary investments in early stage Financial Technology companies.




Since 2006 we have been advising clients, innovating and investing at the crossroads of finance and tecnnology.