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Enterprise Estonia (EAS) is the government agency responsible for FDI and trade development for the Republic of Estonia.


Shared Services is one of the country's strategic sectors, employing over 7000 FTE in 60+ SSCs


The sector offers significant potential for Estonia, particularly Finance, IT and Supply Chain SSCs. The opportunity was not adequately understood or captured.










- Lack of understanding about size, valie and potential of GBS sector.

- Low recognition in industry about Estonia's environment and benefits.

- High regional competition, often based on price and financial subsidy.

- Long, complex deal cycles involving multiple stakeholders.

- EAS' limited financial and human resources.


> Established relationships with domestic and international stakeholders.

> Validation of global and domestic sector size, value, trends and SWOT.

> Creation of country value proposition based on Estonia's advantages and USPs.

> Implemented a focused origination strategy targetting 'best fit' investments and secondary expansion by existing investors.

> Promotion of Estonia in target markets via direct sales and speaking at events.

> Creation of documents and processes to capture intelligence and manage deals.

> Knowledge transfer via training, events and briefing papers.


+ 250 new jobs across all functions created by world class firms.

+ Significant expansion and uptiering by existing operators.

+ Estonia repositioned as a value added location, supported by case studies and data.

+ Optimised approached reduced repsponse times and freed staff to do other work.

+ Spillover benefits for economy - supply chain, exports, diversification, new capabilities