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Financial Strategy

Creating a financial strategy which ensures access to capital, supports corporate strategy and allows free distribution of profit.

Treasury Management

Investor Matching

Expert Opinion

Ensuring your funding, hedging and liquidity management are optimised for cost, flexibility and financial risk.

Feasibility studies, document preparation and investor matching for fundraising and hedging programs.

Unbiased research and analysis to help you understand financial issues and implement practical solutions.

External capital is often hard to access and imposes unattractive terms whilst traditional financiers and products are replaced by an array of new solutions. Nor is excess capital a luxury, bringing pressure to find yield, complimentary investments or make a return to investors.


Key Capital help clients achieve a financial strategy which supports their broader corporate targets, ensures internal resources are optimised and external risks identified and managed:

Key Benefits

1. Internal resources and assets maximised

2. Profitability, cash flow and WACC optimised

3. Access to liquidity at the right time and price

4. Assets and reserves free of charges

5. Reduced impact from externalities

6. Fact based decisions, plans and contingencies

7. Management free to focus on creating value