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Investor Matching

We match growth FinTechs with 'best fit' trade and financial buyers.

Solution Sourcing

Growth Acceleration

Content Creation

Working with buyers to scope requirements, analyse ROI, select vendors and manage the implementation of the solution.

Working with FinTechs to validate markets, create growth strategies, sign clients and create new IP and revenue streams.

Whitepapers, blogs and infographics on a wide range of FinTech topics.

Whether you are a financial institution, investor or IT company the possibilities in FinTech are huge and the pace of change relentless. Everyone struggles to verify what is sustainable, the quickest path to profitability and how that should be resourced optimally.


Key Capital help clients understand where the market and technology are heading, which solutions will endure and the commercial considerations in buying or building these:

Key Benefits

1. Develop based on validated client needs

2. Align IT, commercial and funding strategies

3. Revenue and cost model optimised

4. Smooth operations and stakeholder relations

5. Maximise the value of your IP and investment

6. Development of new capabilities and IP

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