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Process Optimisation

Analysis of processes and interdependencies to ensure that financial workflows are cost effective, timely and accurate.


Knowledge Transfer

Shared Services

Automation of processes and reporting to deliver efficiencies and transform data into BI. We can assist in scoping requirements, system selection and implementation.

Executive coaching and staff training to ensure your people operate with best practise and achieve targets.

Advice on establishing Shared Service centres and the management of third party BPO and ITO suppliers.

Having a lean finance function is essential for competitiveness. The frontline business runs smoothly, costs and working capital are reduced and management receive deep insights on performance and opportunity. Having the correct service structure creates corporate agility and enables expansion.


Key Capital help clients improve their effectiveness by ensuring processes, IT and people are optimised and service delivery structured to be flexible, efficient and scalable:

Key Benefits

1. Sustainable cost and working capital efficiency

2. Effective service for internal and external clients

3. Better data and visibility for decision makers

4. Strong, clear relationships between stakeholders

5. Digital transformation improves agility

6. Development of new capabilities

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