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Founded in 2013, Union is a FinTech developer based in Tallinn, Estonia.


Union serves a range of bank, FX, consumer finance and credit union clients with client engagement, credit scoring and core banking solutions.










- Transform from customised software to scalable, product model.

- Lack of synergy between existing solutions.

- Lack of integrated approach to commercial and functional development.

- Mature market with long sales cycles.

- Requirement to uptier interal skills, documents and processes.


> Validation of IT solutions, relevance to market need and value added.

> Validation of best markets, MVP and Union's advantages and USPs.

> Creation of value propositions and product identities.

> Creation of multi-channel marketing strategy and content.

> Launch of new business development drive in UK, Nordic and Baltic markets.

> Regular meetings, briefings and trainings involving developers and management.


+ Full stack solution for origination, validation and back office management created.

+ Strong brand identity and market recognition created.

+ Development and launch expenses minimised.

+ Signed 5 clients within first 2 years of operation.

+ Company cash flow positive without need to dilute equity.