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Domain Expertise

We have worked as bankers, advisors and investors. We have helped fund M&A, optimise Treasury processes, set up financal shared service centres and commercialise FinTech. We have worked for multinationals, governments, investors, advisors and start-ups. The common denominator is expertise across the finance function which ensures a co-ordinated approach to value creation.

Client First

Value Focus

Tailored Innovation

We work in a collaborative manner to ensure our solutions meet your critical business needs and are executed to plan. We pride ourselves on high standards, clear communication and being agile to support clients where their needs arise.

Our recommendations are based on a highly analytical approach, incisive thinking and practical solutions. We focus on delivering meaningful benefits quickly to create ROI and over time to ensure sustainability.

We are inquisitive and like to know why things occur and how they can be improved. We look across the spectrum at the subtle interdependencies between strategy, people, process and technology. We innovate solutions which best fit the organisation and its environment, today and tomorrow.

Having the correct partner to support your development is essential. Key Capital has deep experience in corporate finance, financial shared service centres and FinTech, supported by a creative, forthright and flexible approach:

client first value driven innovation domain expertise